Friday, January 28, 2011

Metamorphosis - I'm Changing

If you un-attractive for God, you can't be attractive for your earth spouse...

The way we handle our body it will mention a succesfull spiritual or hahaha... its a disaster

The soul is the mind, the will and the emotion

"The sercet of amazing love story is begin by giving the pen to God, starting the faithfullness by now, and knowing the art of tenderness"

Rike' Jan 2011 - stay inspired !

Welcoming My 2011 - Stay Inspired !

My passion in life is helping woman achieve their dreams and share them how to be sucessful in own their term. And I love to celebrate woman who are not only sucessful in their career, but who reach out and help other woman achieve their dreams" That's what He put in my heart at the end of 2010.

Being A Woman, A Christian, An Indonesian, Single, Young, Smart, Good Career, Beautiful *ups... hehe is it too much ?* well, whatever, thats the fact that make me crazy in love with what I'm having now ! " I am happy to be me", even I was so wondering why He created me so special like this. I wish many Indonesian woman can also understand about this, knowing that They are so special as indonesian. I really hate if people being so ignorant just because I'm a woman, and I'm Indonesian.

I thank The Lord for what happend in 2010, finally I steped in the 1st of 2011.

When I Laughed and smille He is there to create my Joy, When I was sad and cried He is there to wept my tears and exchange with peace, When I was being naughty He is there to caught me with His mighty hand so I didnt fall, When I was lonely and feel alone He is there with His everlasting love to fullfill me. When I feel stagnant, He is there to refresh me with new idea and creation. He bring me life, hope and opportunity ! His grace is enough for me in every circumtances.

And now, new chapter is in front my eyes, I keep my eyes on it, see it from different perspective, a bigger vision that burn my spirit. I'm ready for that ! Are you come as I'm ready ?